Sunday, May 23, 2010

The main window of a very small, old and diminishing UMC church in my town. My church. I want this picture to inspire me and others to keep it alive. Any ideas?


  1. Commenting on my own photo. So far, I've used the window in two ways: 1) I made fabric photo copies and attached them to two bags, then filled the bags with children's church activities. All they had before was about 6 broken crayons and a worn out color book. 2) I attached the picture to emails inviting some friends to join a Bible study. :o)

  2. Suzanne -
    I am new to your blog and see that youare a new follower of mine. I love your creative spirit and your gentle way with words and phrase. This is a magnificent window. I would put this photo onto notecards and sell them to benefit the church.

    I hope to visit you again soon!

    oh - and that picture of the orange poppy - takes my breath away!


  3. Thanks so much, Vicki. I have made some notecards using the window photo. Good idea to make some to sell and benefit. I'm also working on a collage idea for the poppy. Will keep you posted. :o) Sue