Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Joy!

Christmas Blessings and Joy to all! These two boys (my dear grandsons, they are cousins who don't see each other often) bring me heartfelt pleasure and fun. And this is what Christmas is all about for me and my loved ones.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Treasures

Surprise! My youngest grandson who lives in Texas is going to join us for Christmas. We'll be traveling to pick him up on Saturday and not sure how long he will stay.
The Christmas Spirit is suddenly brighter in my house.

How much fun it will be to have our son, daughter, son-in-law, uncle, great-grandma, and grandboys one, two and three here on the morning of the greatest festival of all!

Poppy Quilt

The Poppy Quilt is almost finished and ready to send to my good sister who has moved to assisted living this past year. She is an artist who loves red. I hope it blesses her as much as it has me, for all the blocks were made by my dear quilting friends. I give thanks.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Old Danish

When my father and mother returned to Nebraska after a four year adventure in Arizona, they were 78 and 72. My sisters and I attempted to learn a little more Danish while we still had the chance. One sister had ordered Danish language books and dictionaries and gave them as gifts. I still have the letters and lessons sent back and forth with Dad's corrections and comments. I also have a newer Danish dictionary and a Folkehøskolens Sangbog (Folkschool Songbook) that I purchased in Denmark in 1981. Dad died in 1982 and Mom in 1988. Connecting with new friends in Denmark via blogland has re-inspired me to work on the Danish again. I think Daddy would be smiling. The songs have been going through my head lately: Der Bor en Bager; Marken er Mejet; Sneflokke Kommer Vrimlende; Dejligt er Den Himmel Blå. I know them all by heart and they are still up there in my memory. What a joy. Daddy and I sang songs together as he lay dying. One was Et Barn er Født i Bethlehem. When my sister and I sang our songs to Danish relatives when we were there, one cousin said that we sounded like "farmers from Copenhagen" because we had learned an older dialect from our dad who immigrated in 1927. These memories are so precious.