Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dying Silk with Silk

Tried this technique I recently found. (But why is it so hard to find the magazine now so that I can give proper credit?) It was so fun and easy, I plan to have my Art + Quilt group over to try it too. "Chunks" of silk ties are positioned on a piece of white silk. I placed another silk piece on top, then rolled it up, tied it in frequent intervals and then boiled it in water with a little vinegar for 15 minutes. I'm already envisioning the quilt it will become.

Later: This technique is shown in Quilting Arts Magazine Oct/Nov 2010 - Tie Transfer Dyeing, pg 20.

By Kathy Barinholtz

One thing leads to another

While dying baskets with freshly made walnut dye,

I was suddenly compelled to try some fabric, too.

Can't wait to see what it shall become.

Lastest projects receive their final touch.

Picked up walnuts. Made luscious dye from them in a pot. Decided to give some baskets a nice bath in the dye. I think it makes them so rich. Never mind about my brown fingernails. Hee. AND the scraped up elbow due to a rolling fall from stepping just right on one of those hiding walnuts. Ugh!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Courthouse Squares

The colors for this scrap courthouse squares quilt were wonderful to work with, but the quarter inch seams were murder!!

Rescue Quilt

This Grandmother's Flower Garden variation was found at a garage sale, unfinished, neglected and abused. With some and extra TLC, soap and water, removal of large, orange rug yarn ties and disintegrating batting and backing, and quite a few hours, it is finished. Except for the small green and red print hexagons that surround each flower and the green flower centers, I found very few duplicates of fabrics (mostly feed sack prints) in the rest of the quilt top. I kept thinking that the spirit of the lady who first started the handstitched piece was urging me on. I hand quilted each hexagon with a variety of colors of embroidery floss. The back is pieced with yellow and green.