Thursday, July 29, 2010

JuLy MeMoRiEs

Important Father/Son Experience: Lighting Punks.

Practicing the
Perfect Cast
in Shallow Waters

The month of July started out with a trip South to pick up the youngest grandboy to include him in the family reunion. Gavin lives in Texas. His dad lives in Iowa. They can't stand being apart. See the love.

Important Father/Son Experience: Lighting Punks.

ThE BeSt GiFt

When we gather for our yearly retreats or every fifth year family reunions, my four sisters and I share gifts, mostly tiny, sometimes handmade, usually clever and hopefully easy to travel with. I thought this one took the cake! Behind it lies the precious memory of our Dad's beloved Ford tractor and the times most of us rode it in our effort to help him plow, plant, cultivate and harvest sweet corn and tomatoes.
My tractor seat represents a lot of pride.

Creative Clothespins

As the younger grandson's basket project reached completion, the older one joined in with his new use for the common clothespin. Chaos ensued. The basket is beautiful.

Time with my treasured grandsons includes exploring, telling stories, making art, swimming, fishing (or watching) and just hours of joy. They live in the city. I have lived in the country for about ten years now. The new/old has not worn off. Found railroad spikes are still considered to be treasures. The older one creates tall tales about them. The younger one paints them.

OnE CoLoR TrEaSuRe BoXeS

Elliott chose purple for his one-color treasure box because of the blue salvia he plucked from the morning garden. But he had a hard time not choosing blue items too. Sometimes it's a hard call. After gesso-ing our cigar boxes, he water color sprayed his blue on the inside, purple outside. I chose that hard-to-name mustard color that calls to me all the time. Of course my craft room held an abundance of that color of treasures to be included in my box. Elliott decided not to glue his items and so they are free to roam about in his box. Mine have been secured in a variety of ways. I'm pleased that the bell on the top jingles when you open it.


Soul Collage Basket beginnings

Used a packet of dye purchased sometime during a "thrifting" adventure. Lighter than I had expected, it became the inspiration of hues plastered onto the fabric paper project which was 45" long - long enough to weave into a basket.


Matters of the Spirit: July has been almost completely consumed by a variety of survival techniques. Early in the month I unceremoniously and improvidentially sat in what I thought was tall green grass and weeds next to the pond where Simon the Lab likes to swim. A week or so later, my legs and butt were covered with itchy spots, lines, and blisters. Luckily I had visited my good doc for something else and he gave me a script just in case. Over the weeks the following therapeutic treatments have included aloe vera slathered straight from the huge broad leaved plants growing in and around my house, witch hazel generously splashed straight from the bottle, daily prednisone, and lyrica (prescribed for other ailments, but incredibly helpful in calming the wild internal angst). Early mornings were the worst probably due to meds wearing off and warm sleeping covers. The company of my grandsons has also been of great help. The 18 year old can now drive over bringing the 7 year old along. Exploring and making art and reading books and being crazy truly helped me get through the days.

Starting to get back to art, I've made a couple of baskets - along with Elliott. We also created one-color treasure boxes, painted railroad spikes, and melted crayons on hot stones. My square basket made with pastel aqua dyed reed and a strip of "soul collage" fabric paper was designed to hold my growing collection of soul collage cards, the best companion for the matters of the spirit journey so far. Poison ivy may be my muse for the next collage or art quilt!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Two sisters having a look at the "Sister Altered Book" at the recent family reunion.