Monday, June 14, 2010

The fifth one (mine) is not quite finished.
See their tiny gold beaks and beadie eyes.

Flyve fugl flyve. Fly bird fly. These are some of the 50 birds (25 two-sided) I've cut from red, blue, purple, yellow and green fabric paper - to attach to ribbons (five on each) and give to my four sisters for a reunion gift in July. The shiny paper is gold Hershey nugget paper torn in strips.
The red has some peony petals.
I was surprised at how many bird patterns were in my file. Maybe because I love birdies!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This is the first completed project from the first paper fabric piece. I cut six smaller pieces from the large one. This one has been sewn to an unbleached muslin quilt sandwich along with a little loomette piece and some favorite stamps. The colored butterfly images are from a paper napkin. Some machine and some hand quilting. One golden bling was glued to the tag with scallop stitches all around.

My second attempt at fabric paper.
Five different colored pages.
They will be cut into 25 bright birds.
But the process has been slowed down
because due to the wet weather, they haven't dried yet.
I included iris, peony and poppy petals.

Many Mini Collages Made into Pendants -
in Process