Monday, August 9, 2010

Simon and Elliott. School starts on the 11th!
I'm grieving.

The cabin stamp. To keep or not to keep.
This is a birthday card for my niece. I was nine when she was born. The stamped cabin image reminds me of a cabin her husband's family has in the foothills of the Rockies. Sort of a triptych, it can stand alone. It is sewn to a piece of thick dark blue felt. I should probably give her the stamp too. It was a good find in a basket in the back of a second hand store called ReDesigned in Red Oak Iowa. My niece is a stamper too. It's a hard call. :)

more tags. also addictive. what should I do with them now?

I am so surprised and thrilled with the "art" of blogging - and connecting with other artists all over the world. Here are pictures of my first woven quilt with a few more embellishments. Also my second effort. Yes, I believe I could do this all day.

Friday, August 6, 2010


Story Cloth

This piece is inspired by an article by Jude Hill in the Aug/Sept Quilting Arts and Anni from Denmark.

It is woven from strips of water color sprayed muslin. I used random stitches with pearl cotton and Danish flower thread to hold it together, then added some stamps and a piece of felt and a piece of punched brass and some buttons and a yoyo from a funny old pillow cover piece a friend gave me, etc. I think it needs more, but not sure what.

I thought the paint pallette soaking in the sink looked rather artistic. Apparently the cat did too. Or was she just looking for a drink?

Shoe Painting

These are the old shoes I've been busy painting for my friend's 40th high school reunion.
She plans to use them as centerpieces on the tables with flowers in them (?)