Monday, June 14, 2010

Flyve fugl flyve. Fly bird fly. These are some of the 50 birds (25 two-sided) I've cut from red, blue, purple, yellow and green fabric paper - to attach to ribbons (five on each) and give to my four sisters for a reunion gift in July. The shiny paper is gold Hershey nugget paper torn in strips.
The red has some peony petals.
I was surprised at how many bird patterns were in my file. Maybe because I love birdies!!


  1. Just beautiful Sue, How fantastic. !!! Your Sisters will love them. - Donna

  2. Suzanne your birds - flyv fugl flyv - are so sweet and beautiful, your sister will love them.

  3. I'm in love with all things birds, so these really speak to me. My fabric paper never looks this good, so I'm really appreciative of yours. I bet your sisters will be thrilled when these beauties fly into their lives.