Friday, August 6, 2010

Story Cloth

This piece is inspired by an article by Jude Hill in the Aug/Sept Quilting Arts and Anni from Denmark.

It is woven from strips of water color sprayed muslin. I used random stitches with pearl cotton and Danish flower thread to hold it together, then added some stamps and a piece of felt and a piece of punched brass and some buttons and a yoyo from a funny old pillow cover piece a friend gave me, etc. I think it needs more, but not sure what.


  1. Suzanne this is a beautiful piece,love that you have stamp on it, great idea, I haven't any finish pieces yet, I work on several different pieces, you can use it as a wall hanger or make a pillow, du må have en rigtig god weekend.
    Kærlig hilsen Anni

  2. this so lovely, i am so happy to see the product of your inspiration....

  3. Awesome! Perhaps some beads and embroidery would enhance it more. You could add some Shika mirrors, thread or yarn wrapped O rings or a pop top even. Or more rustic approach with grommets, snaps and metals. If you need some, E me with your address and I can send you some.

  4. Anni, mange tak for din sød order. varm klemt til dig.

    Jude, I am so honored that you visited my blog, and so inspired by your commentm, that I began immediately on another woven quilt. I am amazed that my passion for weaving, quilting and collaging can be combined in this fantastic art form. Thank so much!

    Needlewings, thanks for the suggestions and offer. I added some stuff and took another picture. Will post posthaste.