Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Return

Do you remember Nanny Gertrude, the Traveling Goat? She journeyed to Charlotte's Cottage in Western Australia, Madison, Alabama, and Raceland in South Louisiana, and came back in a field of flowers, with blossoms in her hair, and bells around her neck. Nanny Gertie has even been given the most gorgeous properly dilated blue goat eye! She is affixed (as Martha would say) to an interesting tan quilt and lovely flowered journal. She is so thrilled, as I am, with her new identity. Thanks to all the artists who took care of her makeover.


  1. Looking poor goat is gone to never never land I am thinking...he won't even remember me!

  2. Nanny Gertie is just so pretty( if that is what you can say about a goat, LOL )

    Like Deb I have not heard of the whereabouts of my goat "Gertrude" nor have I received any to work on.

  3. Beautiful work, love the flowers around the ears and the cute little bells.