Friday, October 9, 2009

I really like these geese. After visiting Lake George, the pond 2 miles west of town, for the past 10 years, they have shown up and seem to have taken up residence there. When you get out of the car, they start running laps around the lake. run run run. Or they go to a certain tree, scurry around it and then run back the other way. Several are white, some gray, some gray and white.

The water is fairly fresh, but covered most of the summer with duck weed. Simon likes to go for swims. The west end is preferable to the east due to mud and stinky muck. I always pack a big towel in the car. My last car had permanent lake fragrance.

I love Lake George. God finds me there and my mind is quieter and my heart stills for awhile. It's my Zen place. Simon led me to through the trees years ago and we discovered the creek to the south. Its banks are covered with long soft grass always inviting me to lie down.

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