Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yesterday was Andrew Carl Newsome's birthday. 10 ~ 10.
Dear Baby,
You would now be 34. A full grown man with a full life behind you and I can't help but ponder what that life would have looked like.
I now know that without the help of grief "experts" I came to the stage of acceptance of your death too quickly. My support team did not know what I needed. I did not know how to grieve your loss - and I still don't. Your footprints are all I have of you. Then, it seemed impossible to mourn for a baby I didn't get to meet and hold and kiss. Now I can. . . . .and I do. The wound is healing softly and gently. Thank you for your help. I still long for you. I'll always be crazy for newborns. Blessings and love this day. Your Mama.

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