Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ready to Move On

Blue background represents the Loess Hills of SW Iowa. Penelope is now on her way to Sue in Western Australia. What will happen to her next? I'm still waiting for one more little goat to visit me....................
The Sisterhood of Traveling Goats has been wacky and fun and a great distraction from heavier life issues at this moment. Thanks and Love to all the Sisters!


  1. Du laver så mange smukke ting - det er en glæde at kigge på. You make so many beautiful things, it's apleasure to see, Suzanne. I was in Iowa in 1968 - wonderful to think that you live there.

  2. Oh Penelope is looking quite suave indeed! Very cute Suzanne...are you having fun? I keep hoping someone pops in and suggests a kangaroo! Now, that would be fun...Cheers, Elaine

  3. Suzanne,
    I love what you added to Penelope! I am glad you decided to join us and you are having fun!

  4. Love what you have done to Penelope.
    Yeh maybe Sue may do something very Aussie. LOL

  5. I will let Penelope tell me how she feels. I'd like to give her some eyes first. No point travelling the world if you're not looking at it. I can't wait for this delectable little goat to arrive.

  6. Good idea,Sue. Have you ever seen goats' eyes? Kind of freaky. The pupil is sort of a horizontal slit.