Wednesday, June 15, 2011

RaBbiT ArT

With Tami, Marti and Judi, I've joined a surface design round robin. My piece, Leaping Rabbits, was created with spray water color over rabbit masks and metallic paint with rabbit stencil. I sent it to Marti. To see what she did with it, see

This is the Year of the Rabbit.

Rabbit Medicine: Little Sister Rabbit teaches us through her timidity to be gentle with ourselves and others, begs us to study her movements so that we may learn to move in concert and harmony with our environment and the Creator. She has excellent observation skills and sensitive reflexes to help her survive in a world surrounded by danger. She can disappear in an instant and always knows which direction to go. The times that rabbits are most often seen is during early dawn hours or at evening dusk. These are times when the visible becomes invisible and the invisible becomes visible, reminding us that things are not always as they appear and helping us to discern reality from fantasy.

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